Web 2.0 Presentation Tools
Animoto -Video generator, upload photos, add music and creates a free 30 second video for you. You do need sign up for an account and have an email account. You can upgrade this for a fee.
Flixtime -Video generator, makes free 60 second videos. You do need sign up for an account and have an email account. You can upgrade this for a fee.
Glogster -Online poster creation, students do not need individual accounts.
Kerpoof -Site for various creative activities, you can create a teacher account, which will allow students to use the site.
Magnetic Poetry for kids -Allows students to create poetry online-Does not require a student to create an account or have an email address
Make Beliefs Comix! -Create your own comic strip-Does not require a student to create an account or have an email address
Prezi is a powerful presentation tool that takes PowerPoint presentations to the next level.
Stixy -Online bulletin board, you can add photos and text.
VoiceThread -Great way to talk, share ideas, photos and projects online. Others can comment through words, voice and video.
Wallwisher-Online collaborative board maker, new way to communicate-Does not require a student to create an account or have an email address

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==Click on the book
for access to the Science==
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRVehc5RjJblEkeSAgKJQME0y9o270BH3poBY4o0-Didw6ukf8B

Click on the science billboard
for lesson
summaries, e-Journal activities,
crossword puzzles, Cloze quizzes,
and more from our textbook.
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Click on the deck of flashcards
to access Science EOG
Flashcards (mixed review)
Click here for access to Review Activities for the Science Textbook.
Want to earn some extra credit for your next science test? 1. Log onto the McGraw-Hill website (above) 2. Click on the Chaper of the subject matter we are curently covering. 3. Complete the "Lesson Review" section for each lesson in that chapter. 4. Print out your completed lesson review and have your parent sign it. -OR- Have your parent send in a note or email with confirmation that you completed the lesson review sections (and how many sections your completed). 5. Study up on anything that you did not get correct on the review!! *For each lesson review completed, you will get 2 extra credit percentage points on the next science test!*
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Click on the picture for access to the website.
Watch some science videos and even practice some math.
external image 1NWDTLAJ.jpg
Your log in is:
Username: ID Number_cms
Password: ID Number
~This is the same site we use in class for building background and videos. If you find something good, share it with the class.
external image accuweather2.jpg
Click on the picture to check out the weather in any city in the United States. Is there a front coming through? What does this mean?
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Click on the link above to watch videos, take quizzes, and play games related to science themes.
Classifying Living Things Game
Science Trivia Game
Typing Practice Game

First in Math
Multiplication Practice Game
Study Island

Word Safari

Language Arts
Prefix and Suffix Game
Sentence Game
Parts of Speech Game
Punctuation Game
Study Island

Order Scholastic Online:
To start ordering online, follow these simple steps:
  1. Register at Scholastic Book Clubs' secure Web site (www.scholastic.com/bookclubs), and create your own User Name and Password.
  2. Enter the onetime Class Activation Code KZPM7 to link you to our classroom.
  3. Choose the books that you would like to order.
  4. Pay for your selections using your credit card.
  5. Submit your order to me online. :)

More Parent Resources:
  • Find a book at your child's level using their Lexile Score from the SRI. This was provided on the sheet of paper with their test scores that was sent home with the report card.
  • Scholastic has great resources for parents. They have information on books for kids, books for parents, how to help your child at home, etc.
  • Prince George's County Public Schools' website
SchoolMax Family Portal
  • This allows you to check your child's grades.

CHADD - Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • This site has lots of information for parents about ADD/ADHD - causes, symptoms, treatments, how it affects school, etc.
Autism Speaks
  • Information about autism including resources, research, and the latest news.

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