What are we learning next?
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Decimal math:
  • Compare and Order Decimals with or without using the symbols (<, >, or =)
    • Assessment limit: Use no more than 4 decimals with no more than 3 decimal places and numbers (0 – 100)

      comparing decimals.png
  • Add and Subtract Decimals, including money
    add decimals.png
    1. Write the numbers
    2. Line up the decimals points
    3. Add zeros if necesary
    4. Add or subtract as you would whole numbers
    5. Bring the decimal point straight down
  • Multiply Decimals

Reading/Social Studies

american revolution.jpg

Essential Question:
  • Whose revolution was it?
  • Why is it important to learn and be aware of the many faces of the American Revolution?
  • How has it shaped our country?

Big Ideas:
  • There were many conflicts that lead to the American Revolution.
  • Individuals and groups, such as women, men free and enslaved Africans, as well as, Native Americans played very different roles during the Revolutionary period.
  • The effects of the American Revolution altered colonial and national governments, which resulted in individual freedoms and the formation of an independent nation.
Noteworthy People

Part 1

Part 2

Topic A. Diversity of Life
Identify and describe features and behaviors of some of the plants and animals living in a familiar environment and explain ways that these organisms are well suited to their environment.
Based on information about the features and behaviors of animals and plants from very different environments describe reasons that they might not survive if their environment changed or if they were moved from one environment to another.

Topic E. Flow of Matter and Energy
energy pyramid.png
Identify the sun as the primary source of energy for all living organisms.
  • Plants use sunlight to make food
  • Plants and animals use food for energy and growth
  • Public Release
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Cite evidence from observations and research that some insects and various other organisms depend on dead plant and animal material for food.