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This is our Snow Day page! If we have no school because of snow or inclement weather, check this page for things you can work on.

March 6, 2013 (Our 1st snow day of the year!)

Math Problem Based Task
Mrs. Hall is having a party to celebrate the students that have improved since FAST 1. She sets up the 30 tables in the cafeteria.

  • On every table number that is a multiple of 3, she places pepperoni pizza
  • On every table number that is a multiple of 5, she places meat lovers pizza
  • On every table number that is a multiple of 6, she places sausage and pineapple pizza
  • On the remaining empty tables, she places cheese pizza

Part A: On how many empty tables does Mrs. Hall place cheese pizza?
Part B: What fraction of the tables does Mrs. Hall place cheese pizza?
Explain how and why you got your answers using words, numbers, and/or symbols. (Hint use variables to represent each pizza. Draw a diagram to help you visualize the tables).


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Independent Work:
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Directions: Read the article 'Fly High, Bessie Coleman' and answer the following question.

1. Which of these sentences from this article most clearly identifies the article as nonfiction?
  1. High above the airfield, a pilot had just finished carving a crisp figure eight in the air.
  2. Everyone cheered for Bessie Coleman, the first licensed black pilot in the world.
  3. Each year Bessie’s school closed for months at a time.
  4. She read everything she could about airplanes and flying.

2. The headings in this article are organized to show
  1. a sequence of life events
  2. the steps in a learning process
  3. a description of activities
  4. the main ideas of an argument

3. Read this sentence from paragraph 1 of the article.
High above the airfield, a pilot had just finished carving a crisp figure eight in the air.
Which of these statements is the best paraphrase of this sentence?
  1. The pilot completed forming a clear figure eight in the sky.
  2. Over the airfield, a pilot put the last touch on a figure eight.
  3. Tall in the sky, a pilot was done with the figure eight shape.
  4. The pilot recently drew a sharp figure eight at a great height.

4. Read this sentence from paragraph 6 of this article.
In desperation, Coleman asked Robert Abbott for help.
Which of these phrases could replace desperation and not change the meaning of the sentence?
  1. deep pain
  2. unseen danger
  3. extreme anxiety
  4. damaging fear

5. Read this sentence from paragraph 10 of the article.
She wrote to her sister, “I am right on the threshold of opening a school.”
In this sentence, the words on the threshold mean—
  1. at the line
  2. at the start
  3. for the idea
  4. for the experience

6. Paragraph 11 is mostly organized by
  1. problem and solution
  2. description
  3. main idea and supporting details
  4. cause and effect

7. Which of these statements would the author of this article most likely agree is true?
  1. Reading about flying is a necessary step in learning how to fly.
  2. Traveling air shows were poorly attended by people.
  3. Bessie Coleman believed in making life better for others.
  4. Bessie Coleman preferred French flying schools to American flying schools.

8. After reading the section titled “Learning to Fly,” a reader can conclude that—
  1. flying requires a steady stomach
  2. learning another language is a lengthy process
  3. soldiers who fought in World War I were glad to be home
  4. the French were open minded about differences among people

9. Brief Constructed Response: Explain what the information in the article shows about the job of performing in air shows. In your response, use information from the article to support your explanation.

Please re-read science textbook pages 170-173 (<--click) and answer the following questions:

1. How do changes in ecosystems lead to changes in species?

2. What behavioral adaptation allows hawks to live in a city?

3. Name one reason humans might want to limit the use of pesticides and antibiotics.

4. List and describe two kinds of adaptations.

5. Why would there be more competition among organisms in an ecosystem after the ecosystem changes?

6. Almost all young children in Japan learn to speak Japanese. Do you think this skill is learned or an instinct? Why?

7. Writing - During your life, you have learned some behaviors that have helped you survive. In your science journal, write a survival guide using information that you have learned about safety around the house.