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Graphic Organizers
Graphic Organizers help writers organize their ideas before writing a response.Use the graphic organizers to help you write BCRs, stories, research papers, etc.

Organizational Patterns
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All texts are organized using one of the following organization patterns. Along with each pattern are key words to help you identify them. You may use the following graphic organizers to organize your writing.
Cause and Effect
Key Words: for this reason, because, causes, makes, effects of, as a result, leads to, due to, if…then, so
Compare and Contrast
Key Words: different from, similar to, more, both, on the other hand, however, similarly, but, compared with, in contrast


Key Words: above, between, beside, next to, in front of, behind, outside, looks like, for example, such as, and any other sensory details/adjectives
Key Words: after, during, immediately, next, before, following, until, first, second, then, finally

Problem and Solution
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Key Words: problem, solution, solved, difficult, hard, trouble
Question and Answer

Key Words: how, one may conclude, when, why, how many, where, what, who, answer, ?

Main Idea/Supporting Details
You can use many different graphic organizers to help you find the main idea.
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Use the graphic organizer as you read to pull details from the text. Write down the events of a story from the beginning, middle, and end based on one character. Use the key words to help guide you. Once you are , write out the paragraph.

nonfiction summary

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Characterization - Traits
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Sample Character traits.doc
Sample Character traits.doc
Sample Character traits.doc
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Characterization Growth
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Characters Actions Affecting Plot
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Example from the story "Captain Kate": In paragraph 1 Kate accidently bumps into Seth with a board and pushes him into the water. Because she did this Seth ignores her when she tries to help him out of the water. Seth thought that Kate did it on purpose. Even when she explains herself he doesn't believe her.