Brief Constructed Responses
Brief Constructed Responses (BCR) are requirements in Reading, Math, and Science
Math: BCR responses have two parts. Part A and Part B.
  • Part A is worth 1 point
  • Part B is worth 2 points
  • Part B requires students to use words, numbers and/or symbols to explain their mathematical thinking.
  • Sample Questions -->
Reading: BCR responses will allow students to respond to a piece of text in a written format.
  • Worth 3 points
  • BCR responses need to include: an answer to the question, text support and an inference.
  • BCR responses are required to be written in a specific boxed area.
  • When responding to a BCR think about: Can my teacher tell I read the passage? Did I answer the question? Did I include text support? Did I make a relevant inference or extension?
  • Sample BCR Questions

Questions to Remember When Answering BCRs:

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1) Can my teacher tell that I read the passage?
2) Did I answer the question?
3) Did I support my answer with information (details) from the text?
4) Did I make a relevant inference or interpretation when answering my question?