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Jobs (10 tickets)
You can apply for jobs that you feel you will be good at. The purpose for applying is for Mrs. Carson to believe and trust that you will do your job well. You will need to be dedicated and devoted as responsible scholars in order to do the best you can at the job you decide to work toward. If you get the job, it is also your responsibility to continue to do your best to maintain and keep your job. If you slack, you will get fired.

Line Leader
As a Line Leader you will model the proper way to lead the line in the hallway. You must pay attention to the teacher at all times as you stop at appropriate places in the hallway. When the teacher signals you to proceed you will continue to walk to the destination.

The Librarians job is to manage the library. Keep the books orderly. If you have ideas of organizing the library you may do so. Consider the purpose of our library. If you think you can organize the library so that all students have access to the books, this is your job!

"Technology Assistant"
Jocelyn took the lead in this already. (Great Job Jocelyn!) This student is responsible for making sure that all of the technology in the room is ready to be used and cleaned up when finished. This must be done quickly and efficiently.

Agenda Book Checker
This is a job for a responsible scholar. This person must be a scholar who can get all their work done quickly and orderly. Organization is also important. Your things must be organized in order to go around and check that your classmates are doing their work. As a "checker" you will report the names of students who did not write down their assignments in the morning to Mrs. Carson . You will go around and check everyone's agenda books in the morning or during DEAR time. This must be done quickly and efficiently in order for you to read as well.

Paper Passer
As a paper passer you must be ready with your things to start the lesson in order to pass out necessary papers. You must be quick to transition from one activity to another. You must be a self-starter and organized with a system so that you don't fall behind. You also need to know the names of ALL your classmates!

Hallway Monitor
The hallway monitor will check that our line is orderly in the hallway. This person will ensure that everyone is standing on the third block with hands to their sides and facing forward. A hallway monitor should be someone who has been following the rules from the first day of school. This person should not be afraid to correct inappropriate behaviors. However, the correction must be made in a friendly, non verbal manner. It is the monitors job to come up with different ways to manage the line without talking or being harsh.

Bathroom Monitor
As a monitor your job is to ensure that everyone is using the bathroom with respect. Time is of the essence. If there is a problem you must report it immediately to the teacher. You are the one to ensure that everyone is using the bathroom appropriately and efficiently. Bathroom breaks should take 5-7 minutes from the time we leave our classroom to when we return and complete our work. (I will need a boy and a girl for this job)

Post-It Passer
As a post-it passer you must provide post-its to students before every DEAR time. You must not speak to the students when you pass them out. As a post-it passer you will also have the job to model your notes that you take while reading your book on the visualizer. You must know how to apply the reading strategies we have been learning in class. You may introduce other strategies as well.

Classroom Monitor
As a classroom monitor you are assessing the way we are behaving in class. You are also checking that students are keeping the classroom clean and orderly. When materials are used you are ensuring that it is returned. If students are not doing this, you must find a way to address the issue in a friendly manner. Asking people to do things requires talent. People do not like being told what to do. However, if done right, it is possible. As a classroom monitor you must be a people person. You must have a good relationship with your classmates and a way with words to ensure that everyone is doing their part for a positive classroom learning environment.

Word Wall Manager
Our word wall has been neglected. As a word wall manager your job will be posting our new vocabulary words in reading, math, science, health, and social studies. You must ensure that the spelling is correct and the handwriting is neat. You can create a system on how to put the words up. For example, you may color code the different subjects. If you want to rearrange the word wall board to make it more suitable for our needs that is possible.

stars2.jpgTeachers Assistant (20 Tickets)stars2.jpg
The teachers assistant will be an important job. Whenever Mrs. Carson needs help, you will be the person she asks. It may be picking up the phone, running an errand to a teacher or the office, taking over a lesson in case of an emergency, filling in a role if a student is absent, having courageous conversations representing the class, etc. As the teachers assistant, Mrs. Carson will need to depend on your for help. This person must be dependable and responsible. They must show respect to others and have leadership qualities.

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5 Tickets:
Sit at the Teachers Desk
Buy a pass to sit at the teachers for one day, at 1:30 I will need my desk back :)

Buy a pass to sit anywhere during DEAR for one day.

Share Something to the Class
Buy a pass to share something to the class. It can be a picture, song, rap, story, etc. Keep it under 5 minutes. Get Mrs. Carson's approval before sharing.

20 Tickets:
Lunch Bunch with a Friend
Buy a pass for lunch bunch for a day. You can bring 1 friend. If you want to bring more friends it will be 5 tickets per friend.

Computer Time
Buy a pass for computer time during DEAR for one day. You may use the DEAR time to go on educational websites that are approved by Mrs. Carson.
Homework Pass
Buy a free pass for one homework assignment

Download the PASS here: