Note on Homework:If you are absent, e186829084512249718_kHZoywDO_f.jpgxtra copies of homework are stored in the absent bin. It is each student’s responsibility to make sure that they make up any missed assignments.

Reading Logs: All students should be reading AT LEAST 20 minutes nightly and completing a reading log each night. Reading logs can be found above. The only way for scholars to become better readers is to read daily. ​A parent signature is required for students to receive full credit. Time for “Free Reading” is given during the classroom day as well, but does not replace the required nightly reading log. Please read about the benefits of “Free reading” here.

Current Events: Current events are due weekly (Mondays). A new topic will be assigned at the beginning of each week.

If a student does not turn in homework, they will receive a "Pickle Form" stapled in their agenda book. Please keep an eye out for that.