Area & Perimeter
area nathan garden.png
area nathan garden.png
Determine perimeter
Assessment limit: Use polygons with no more than 8 sides and whole numbers (0 –500)

Determine area
Assessment limit:
  • Use rectangles and whole numbers (0 – 200)
  • Find the area and the perimeter of any closed figure on a grid
  • Use whole and partial units (0-50)

Sample Space
Identify Possible Outcomes of independent events
Assessment limit: Use two independent events with no more than 4 outcomes each and an organized list or tree diagram
Theoretical Probability
Make predictions and express the probability as a fraction
Assessment limit: Use a sample space of no more than 20 outcomes
sim and cong.jpg
2D1a Analyze similar figures to IOT identify or describe geometric figures as similar.


2A1b Analyze the properties of plane geometric figures IOT identify polygons within a composite figure.

2A2a Analyze geometric relationships IOT compare and classify quadrilaterals by length of sides and types of angles (include the angle symbol <ABC)

2A1a Analyze the properties of plane geometric figures IOT identify and describe relationships of lines and line segments in geometric figures or pictures.

angles and lines.jpg

2C1a Represent plane geometric figures IOT identify, describe, and draw angles, parallel line segments, and perpendicular line segments.

Parents, please access the Parent Assisted Learning (PAL) Packet for Lines and angles.

Review Past Skills

Long Division

Column Division is a method used to serve a long division problem. To use the method you have to draw a vertical line seperating the digits of the divisor and work one place value at a time. (Students can also divide the traditional way).
Lattice Multiplication
Furthermore, we will be using a new form of multiplication called the LATTICE METHOD to multiply two and three digit numbers. Many parents have trouble understanding this new method. Below is a slideshow that I have used to teach the method. After you have made sure that your child has mastered their basic facts, please practice this new form of multiplication with them.

Multiplication Facts
Each year fifth grade students struggle with understanding new concepts because they have not mastered their basic multiplication facts. Please be sure to have your student practice their multiplication facts EVERY night. Students should have facts 0-12 memorized by the second week of school. For multiplication practice, I recommend using, IXL's (3rd grade math), or Have your student try the game below!
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